Dry Falls

Zen Piscator

Supporting wild steelhead, gravel to gravel.
Ah, memories.

Some Quotes

"Who is the backyard guy anyways" -from jake

"It took me 13 years to get this dent in my finger, and i've tried to exfoliate it for 8, and its still there"-The yard

"South Sound Springers, YOU BET!" -Alpines comical reading of fishing and hunting news.

And finally, for most of saterday night "yo, ryan that was a nice fish, ya i kn-ROOOOOOONNNNN!!!!!! RON ROOOONNNN!!!!! GET UP!!! RROOONNNN!!!-ow, did u get him on the sz 8 scs? Naw, i was pulling a sz 4 tan sculpin."-The Chris's mainly.

They tried everything to wake the poor guy up, it got pretty drastic. Head lamps over the tent, Four people piled on a sleeping fly shop owner, only to depart with amazing speed once he awoke. All the while, little jake is thinking "What is happening to my dad?!". Finally the man did arise, but not without a price. The yard's tent took the full bore of his anger, and went down with one swing. I think we all need to head over to the shop and buy 10 bags of tungsten beads and a trip to king lake to pay homage to that great night. Ron was a great sport for taking all of it and joining the camp fire, The best of times it surely was.

that was a heluva weekend man, nice job backyard for puttin it on. There were more random punches there than anywhere i have bee, luckily i was able to dodge the ones directed my way but others didnt fare so well! :rofl:
One of the funniest things happened about 11:30 saturday night, i look over at backyard after about 5 fish in a row, all he says is "stupid little fish" and mumbled off from there.
I got that damn cold too, fevers, headaches, stuffy nose. it sucks, that was why we headed out so early on sunday.
My favorite part was catching browns onn bass bugs friday and saturday night. That was a sweet party/clave :beer2:

James Mello

Inventor of the "closed eye conjecture"
Damn, it sounds like I missed quite a bit of fun after reading through the list! I got there *late* on Sat night, just enough to hear the beer yodeling going on. I did get a chance to meet WrldAngler and Backyard, and chatted with a couple of folks, but not a whole lot more though.... BUT I did get the right advice from WrldAngler and Backyard about Dry Falls.... While a lot of guys said it was slow, streamers low and slow got me a couple of dandies!

BTW, the ticks were off the HOOK! I had 3 dogs with me and pulled 100+ ticks off of each of them. Damn things were all over the place!

Zen Piscator

Supporting wild steelhead, gravel to gravel.
Ya, someone pulled one off the back of my shirt on sunday morning, bhudda i think.... To tired to remember. Those things are next to impossible to kill. Unless you have fire. Anybody else find anything on them? Tics are worse than lakes that need to be re-habbed like dry falls. :rofl:

well im free and i have another court date so more fishing in eastern wa. for me:) as for the ticks, i had multiple ticks that i found thru out the days i was walking thru the sage. chris put a huge sage brush inside my tent, who knows what jumped off that thing. the folks were as always great too see again, and yes Dave makes the best press coffee, ill have to buy a punch card from him next time, old man didnt cuss me out as much, dont know why tho. (not enough Jim Beam ?) haha. chris had some great sparse impressions , jabs boys were cool, curtis lasted longer then i thought he would, and all i have to say is dont fall asleep around the camp fire w/ any of us around, might get slapped with a hotdog:) so much stuff happened it was a goodtime. RON..........RON! WAKEUP RON!

ok, the fishing, so went to a lil sp. creek and nailed one on my first cast with a fly of Rons choice, that was sweet, had a chance to hook a carp on my second cast ever too one! i was saying "screw carp" allday, then when i get back to the carp competition ,im going ape shit to catch one. i might focus on them someday. caught pigs at D.Falls, best thing was my cousin and i went back to D.Falls last night and had the place completely to ourselves, no vehicles in the lot after 7pm,tits baby! i talked to the park ranger and asked if he didnt mind we stayed out at the lake past 10 and he said go for it and good luck, well you guys know where i went on the lake:) allnight long till almost 2am , latest ive ever stayed out there, the bite did slow way down after 1 am. fished beda during the day yesterday w/ minimal results although i saw some of the biggest fish pushing 22" easy. cronies were the hot ticket, but i stuck to streamers most of the time. stayed the night at the trout bums headquarters(haha) in the seeps, to bad someone i know stole the sign:) god what else did i do, fished crab creek in a few spots , was asked to leave some property by an irragation worker, he knew there was fish in there bastard! so the species spread was awesome, caught 6 different kinds of fish this weekend, stopped at dog and leech lake on the way back, cayuse pass just opened so took the drive thru rainier park, and scoped some water out on the white river. im tired and hungary, lates
Hey gang!

Would love to have gone over and joined you boys, but my health was just not up to it. I have diabetes type II myletus and the doctor is taking a more aggressive stand with the meds. because my blood sugar has been too high and he is worried about a heart attack, amputation and blindness--all the good things that go with complications from diabetes.

I'm glad to see this but now I have gone the other direction and I have been hypogycemic off and on (blood sugar too low) so he has had to back off of the heat, namley Glyburide and Metformin.

I've had blood sugar readings of 23,32 and 28--too low. When this happens, I break into a sweat and start to get sleepy. Unconsciousness is not too far off.

My wife tends to me and gives me orange juice even candy until my glucose comes up to acceptable levels. Glucose testing where I draw blood and then test it with this little machine is being done 6-8 times per day and while it could be done while out there fishing, it would be clumsy at best.

I thought it would be the pits to go to Dry Falls and then pass out in my tube and cause a big rush for the hospital--a downer for everyone. Until things stablize for me, I am pretty much confined to the house and her watchful eye.

I apologize to those, mainly Jim, who looked forward to meeting me but were disappointed. I am very sorry.

Bob, the I will get better and rise again to fish another day. :thumb: If you have good health and can fish, enjoy. There is nothing like it. And to Normslander and Wet Line who offered to give me a free seat in their drift boat for a trip down the Yak--a special thanks.
And Kudos to Les Johnson who is trying to help me with my book and its publication. And a tip of the hat to Bright Rivers who sent me a fine leather bound book for my birthday (Bright Rivers by Nick Lyons).
There are so many fine people on this site. :beer2:

Kent Lufkin

Remember when you could remember everything?
Bob Triggs said:
. . . question is, who did the cooking?
And what happened to the much-ballyhooed Canadian-American fish-off that Bobbo was gonna launch with a blast from his pistol?

Haven't heard much from the Canucks lately. Maybe the prospect of ticks and giardia scared 'em off?

First things first....Bob do what the doctor tells you and get er dialed in.

DF Outing Journal Entry by Jabseattle:

After a few days to recoup I think I can gather some of my thoughts around this outing. Thursday and Friday seemed to run together for some reason. ptyd Arrived at Dry Falls somewhere @ midnight Thursday to the faces of Yard and Flyndutchman. We shared stories and flies around the fire. Yard and I stayed up til bout 4am tying drunken flies :beer1: and shooting the shizzle. I left DF camp 2 hours later still somewhat buzzed and headed out to fish all day by my lonesome bringing fish to hand but arrived back at camp after a long drive @ 7:30pm to the smiling face :) of Bhudda. Told him let’s hit the lake for some night fun. Fished DF with Bhudda, Yard, Ron and a few others members were out there and it seems everyone got into some fish that night.

Back at camp two of my non-WFF friends pull up only to find out they brought their golf clubs instead of their fishing gear because they had no room in the Jeep. :mad: Luckily that night I was able to escape the fire scene altogether and got a good night sleep :rofl: but I heard Worldanglr and Backyard looked for me @ 4am to mess with me since I escaped so early. :eek:

Saturday was a sweet day put some miles on the trucks but was lucky enough to fish with Ron, Bhudda, Backyard on a few different lakes. Driving @ Backyard was entertainment in itself plus we got a new sign. We arrived back at camp that evening to Chris pull up on his bike after a very very wet ride.

Fish that evening on DF with everyone….seemed like there were more people on the water on Saturday and many hookups were had and heard: Worldanglr, Alpinetrout, Bhudda, Yard, Ron, Scoones, Hikepat and I think the youngins Dan and Zen were in attendance both nights as well.

Saturday night around the fire was comic. :rofl: Plain and simple you needed to be there. Sorry Kristin for the flying piece of wood it was Yard’s fault for getting me all fired up. :rolleyes: Ron and Kristin had a good sensor of humor especially due to the loud and rowdy fire scene and the tent that turned into a bivy. We passed a few bottles @ the fire shared great stories and had some great conversation with some really great friends. Brats were good ...luckily I escaped @ 4am.

Sunday didn’t even touch a rod. bawling: It was time for Carp Off 2005 Alpinetrout set the ground rules. :ray1: Shot the $hitzle with Ryan and watched Yard stick his carp. :eek: Conditions for the Carp Off were not ideal but both Yard and Zen toughed it out. Great entertainment it was hard not to pick up a rod.

This outing was good to put faces to some names for me like Flyndutchman, Sinktip, James Mello, CouleeFlyFisher and Ceviche and the trailer crew from Cowlitz

I think I saw Oldman twice and he was never on the water :confused: ..Thanks to everyone new and old I had a blast.

Best Moments
-Backyard and I trying some superior flies on Thursday night
-Driving around with Backyard leaving a trail of beer cans, snagging signs )
-Bhudda’s comment ” I spent 12 hours on this water without a bump” our response “so why did you bring us back”
- Bhudda’s comment to some Dudes in Seeps “Ain’t it PIMP” …. Classic
-Ron’s tent turning into a bivy.. Backyard tent’s turning into a bivy
-Scoones popping wheelies in camp @2am with Grams running after him
-Carp Off 2005 Watching Backyard and Zen working the banks for carp. Yard and Ryan working the bank.
-Watching Worldanglr working the camera filming BY with the winning carp.
Shoot I know I'm leaving things out.....

Let’s git it OOOONNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!! Bhudda,Yard, Ryan Alpine or someone let’s go fish..okay maybe in a few weeks
Kent Lufkin said:
And what happened to the much-ballyhooed Canadian-American fish-off that Bobbo was gonna launch with a blast from his pistol?

Haven't heard much from the Canucks lately. Maybe the prospect of ticks and giardia scared 'em off?

I spoke with a few of the Canadians, they were disapointed that they were the only ones to show up. Not sure of their names, but they were an older couple....

(hopes they aren't reading this taking offense to being called an older couple)

Old Man

Just an Old Man
Well I did fish and got skunked as usual. Only went out two days as I have a medical problem also. I just couldn't see :cool: to go out. No, I have an in grown toenail and it hurt everytime I used my right flipper on the push stroke :beathead: . Plus being on the old side I needed my beauty sleep.

well my answer to the skunk lake is if i bring 4 guys who CAN fish and we dont get action then i cross it off the list as fished out! especially when ive put some time on that water, w/ no results. :( it just confirms my thoughts on that peice of water.

PrinceNymph said:
I spoke with a few of the Canadians, they were disapointed that they were the only ones to show up. Not sure of their names, but they were an older couple....
That would be Petero and his wife Betty. They were the only Canadians to show up, but fishing luck was not on their side and as a result Petero thinks that Washington fish are racist. :D
Dude, i forgot about being a buoy for the speed boats at potholes when the storm broke. it was comedy as we were all completely soaked and ready togo and chris is like screw it, im wet already, im fishing:) the carp were HUGE in there, all in the tree line of the banks thrashing and floppin', things looked like big drift wood pushing 10 pounds easy.