NFR Occupations?

I am curious as to what people on here do for work. If you are retired what did you do? I think we might have an eclectic group of professions on this site. I'm a union electrician. I have a college degree but hated sitting in front of a computer all day.


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I worked my way through college by working in prudhoe bay on the north slope of Alaska as an expiditor for a transportation and logistics company.

Now I'm a Sales engineer at a visual analytics company in Seattle.
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Physician Assistant. Worked in various medical settings, but mostly in the hospital. Now I'm burned out and starting to feel my age so, got out of the hospital and moved into my "pre-retirement job". Weekdays (4 ten hour shifts) with every other Friday off. First 40 hour a week job I've had since my college summer jobs. Hopefully some more time to fish now that I'm not working 60-80 hours a week. Both the wife and I are happy with the new hours.

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Exhibit designer for the Oregon Historical Society Museum for 22 years, 9-11 happened...position eliminated...ran design business designing exhibits for 5 years...various jobs after,designer installer of exhibits, purchasing work part time for the Washougal school district as an emergency sub teacher, paraeducator and night custodian...probably just keep doing that until i fall over.
I've done a lot of different stuff in my life, most has revolved around boats and the water. I commercial fished for 4 years after high school, spent 10 years as a pipefitter in a naval shipyard, spent the last two years working as a deck hand on charter boats, and now am a captain and co owner of a local Puget Sound guide service, as well as doing one final season on the charter boats.

I definitely haven't taken a standard career path, but I've taken my path... And I wouldn't want it any other way.

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