South Sound SRC Report (4/23)

Had an excellent experience fishing the south sound for Searuns this Saturday, hands down my best day on the water in terms of size of fish, and numbers were strong as well.

My pal (caught the blackmouth at Purdy few weeks ago, now hooked on fishing beaches) and I met another friend out past Purdy on Saturday morning around 9 a.m. Our friend had been on the beach for an hour or so and already had 5 fish on with one to hand.

Over the course of the day, we managed to catch a good number of fish, and a lot of nice fish in the 14" - 16" range, and a couple that were probably pushing 18".

The best moment of the day was when we managed not just a double, but a double/double - and then a triple! We had one guy on shore, and two of us in a boat anchored straight out from him. The guy on shore hooks a fish, and a second later, I hook a fish. A double! I land my fish first, release, it, cast back out, and hook up immediately! A double double, as the guy on shore hasn't landed his fish yet! An instant later, the other guy in the boat hooks up! Three fish on at once! It was rad. All nice fish, too, 15" or so.

Most fish were caught on olive over white marabou clousers with bead chain eyes, or chartreuse and white sparse deer hair and crysal flash clousers. Also threw a popper to no avail, and a few other streamers that I want to work, but which didn't work well today. Near a creek mouth, threw Trigg's chum baby for a while, love that fly. The green and white clousers were definitely the flies today though, on floating line.

The best location was a large point with a combination of softball sized rocks and school desk sized rocks. On the first push of incoming tide, heavy current flow over this and the many breaks caused by the different sized rocks provided fast fishing - at one time, four fish in four casts, with two to hand. One fish got off, I had enough time to say, "aw, lost him," and then he leaps clear out of the water straight toward me! Hooked up again on the next cast from one of his competitive buddies, smaller fish at maybe 13".

In the afternoon, checked out a gorgeous and large estuary with at least two streams emptying in, but didn't see anything but smolts and a bald eagle.

Awesome day on the water.
Nice report Teeg. Not only catching fish, but at the same time as your buddies, that's hard to beat, and will likely be the best day on the salt for some time, at least until the salmon roll in later this year. :thumb: