ProSportFisher Gen3 Jungle Cock


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I picked up a sheet of this material. I'd post a pic of an Umpqua Special I tied with it, but my phone got some moisture on the camera lens. PIcs all look like I put the hallmark moment filter on right now.

My take so far is that this material should work just fine for adding a bit of color and a highlight for fish to focus on. The colors seem perfect when compared to flies with real JC. Two downsides: they are stiff and won't flow and swim in the water like a real feather, I won't be winning any 'ooh that fly is so perdy' awards with it -- maybe I will. I'll post something up once my camera dries out.

Anyone else use this material?
Fake JC is s#!t & most of the time real JC is s#!t. It wants to split no matter what you do! It's a expensive & difficult material, if you buy the real stuff you have to look at them first & they still split! I bought a good neck couple years ago & the feathers are still good, ty em on then WTF split!


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Thx Adam. Here's an Umpqua special with the gen3 jc on it.
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Nice fly...
One thought with the fake stuff (or anything flat and stiff on the sides of flies), is that they act like oars on the side of a drift boat. One just skewed not right and the boat behaves poorly...flies with the same qualities will act the same. BTW...that pattern tied w/o JC will perform at catching fish just as equally.
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Interesting stuff... I tied a few of the specials up without the Jungle Cock nails just in case I see the skewing problem in the water.... but, hey, the skewing might actually attract fish :).

I hear you about the thickness of the head when using the G3's. I tend to angle the nail up towards the back and only tie about 1/8" along the hook shank because of that. Hopefully they won't fall off.

pre-coating them with something is a great idea. Having them soak up water would be a bad thing for casting on a full-floater spey head.

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When I actually tied flies I had lots of JC. My father in law used to raise game birds. Silver Pheasant's, Golden Pheasants, Ring neck, Jungle Cocks. I had all the feathers one would need. But I quit tying flies and gave all the material I had away. If I need any flies I just send someone a PM or Email. And they show up later.

If I need any flies I just send someone a PM or Email. And they show up later.
Or you bum them off somebody at the river, then promptly toss it onto the bench seat of your truck, then sit on it while you tie up your leader, and lose it (who knows where). :D

If you ever make it this way again, I have some new places to check out. Found three or four Yesterday on my little jaunt into the hills North of Butte.
Awesome! Good to hear you're getting out and exploring. Hoping to be in Montana at some point this season, most likely in the fall. Too busy to make multiple trips like I was able to last year.


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I've tied some flies with the G3 GC. It isn't perfect but, as Adam noted, real GC ain't great either. And while the real feathers look better they aren't durable at all and in any given cape there only seem to be a small number that are the right size for the flies I like. I like that the G3 you can get consistent sizing...

So far I haven't found that the fake GC negatively impacts the way my flies swim and they seem to catch fish just fine. The bottom fly here has the fake GC. not my best tie but it caught a boatload of SRC and rezzie COHO this past spring :)

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