OPST New Commando Smooth integrated line

Sorry, I was asking how the running line section of the Commando Smooth compares to the running line section of the SA Spey Lite.

That's a good question. I would like to know myself. However if you have fished any of the amplitude series from SA. It would be hard to argue they aren't the best in the business.

Ian Horning

Powerbait Entomologist
Dammit I might need to pick one up now. That or a 5wt SpeyLite. I too would like feedback as to how they compare side by side. I have a SpeyLite in a 7wt (270gr?) version and love the sh*t out of it, and a non-integrated Commando, which I like to cast, but dislike HATE strip retrieving with. Maybe the integrated Commando would be better than them both?
The integrated line is great if you can babysit your line set up all the time. For me I enjoy their interchangeable heads just because if one day I decide I like mono more I can switch it and that goes vice versus with different kinds of running lines. With integrated you get one running line and one weight head. Unless you spend another 100$ then I guess you’d have two. To be honest I’ve used the integrated demo line a month ago and casting wise I don’t see a difference really only when your stripping your line back in you don’t get that abrupt stop like you do with the interchangeable heads. But not enough to make me get the integrated line. Plus you only save one dollar by getting the integrated line... not much of a price break. I think getting the interchangeable commando head with your choice of running line would be ideal. Oh and if you some how splice your running line on the integrated line your screwed pretty much but if you slice your running line on an interchangeable set up you can fix it at no additional cost to you :)
Sorry, I was asking how the running line section of the Commando Smooth compares to the running line section of the SA Spey Lite.
I use this for SRC with my 3 wt spey...there is a nice textured section that you can hear as you get close to your shooting head that allows you to not have to even see your line to know you should stop stripping. When its dark, this is a nice feature. I learned to give a quick sweep toward shore at the end of my strip....to give a following fish one last chance to grab the fly as a lot of line is still out compared to a regular single hand line.
Love the line when the tide is high and no backcast room. Only a floating line though. Need an intermediate sink. Might be a challenge to spey cast though.
There's an existing thread somewhere discussing the lines...with a lot more experienced people.

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