Drift Boat Raffle Winner


Shawn Bechtol
You guys are going to hate me, but I recently won a brand new drift boat from RO drift boats! ptyd The raffle took place a few months ago at Sportman's Wharehouse in Spokane and was put on by the North Idaho Fly Casters club. It has taken a little while to contact the company and get the color options that we wanted, but we finally got a hold of them today and ordered a tan and green boat. Should get the boat by late May to early June. Just thought I'd share my good news with all of you and give a shout out to the NIFC club and RO drift boats... Thanks a lot guys! :thumb:

did you happen to go to their "factory" outside of idaho falls?
Lets say they have their priorities set, the building tells you they mean business with their boats. You could drive by it ten times and not see it, cool place. Good guys out there. Thats awesome you won that boat, once again congrats!

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