Leavenworth area at the end of the month?

What's around there? I'll be there for a long weekend at the end of July for the annual extended family campout. What is close-by in terms of fishing? I don't care about species (although I'm not really interested in salmon or steelhead). How does Fish Lake fish that time of year? I know nothing about the Wenatchee River.

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I’ve fished the Icicle River in July and in October years back. (October was better). The rainbow i caught were not big; about the size of my hand up to 8 inches, but I really liked it. It was quiet and easy access. I like fishing that way.
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Fish lake can be in the peak of an algae bloom then.
Wenatchee river will most likely be closed except maybe open for salmon in places, maybe.
Icicle river above the hatchery is good for small rainbows on a dry fly.
Catch and release in the little lakes above Wenatchee, Bee Hive, Black, Upper Wheeler, Lilly, Clear ? did I leave any out?
Bass would be east of Leavenworth, O wait there are bass in Fish Lake, in the ponds around Rock Island or the Quincy lakes


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I used to live in Wenatchee and like Gary said the Icicle above the hatchery is good for small size up to 8 inches. A size 14 Tellico tied with a burnt orange floss body instead of the yellow and a black hellgimite nymph tied on a #12 4X long shank are just killer there. There are campgrounds right next to the water on the way up too.
Of the lakes Gary listed they are all pretty much put-n-take lakes. Black and upper wheeler get the least attention and will have more fish in July. The upper Wheeler besides the rainbows has some brookies as well and I've taken 1 22incher before.
If Fish lake hasn't turned over yet it besides the rainbows it also has tons of perch and some monster browns up to 6 lbs. that don't like to bite very well.
If it were me I'd stick to the Icicle, 50 plus trout a day 8 inchers or not is ass kicken fun in my book.

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