Crippled Brooke Trout

Does anyone have a suggestion for a crippled brooke Trout pattern. Last week I was catching 4" brookies and they were getting absolutely attacked by 18" rainbows.
Depending on how much weight you want, a clouser seems like a good start. I'd do olive over gray (assuming the Brooks that small don't have much color), and you could add some red or orange at the throat with a marker if you wanted to.

A bugger in pure olive (hard to two-tone a bugger) but with a bunch of flash might be good too. If you needed to add color, you could do that with flash accents, or small pinch of other color in the tail. Weight it as you you see fit--along the shank for more even sink, head for more jigging.

Four inches long is a nice size for small articulation, and obviously another realm of endless possibilities. You might get some ideas here. A lot of these seem more sculpin-oriented--wide and squat--but you you can trim deer the other way, use wool the other way, layer long dubbing, etc. Or just skip the big head. Gunner Brammer has some amazing streamer tying techniques on youtube, but be warned that his videos are major commitments. For just some basic fast tying demonstrations more along the lines of Galloup's flyies, flyfishingtheozarks will whisk you through some demonstrations.

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