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Broke my 3wt Recon today. I have to send it in for warranty, which is quoted as taking 4-6 weeks. Im definitely not missing out on 4-6 weeks of fishing. I mostly fish small creeks to medium rivers. I have a 6wt for bigger rigs and fish.

My dilemma is, do I go smaller, knowing that I mostly catch smaller (under 10 inch) trout in these bodies of water, or do I go with the more versatile 4wt as a back up rod?

Im staring at these superfine carbon rods, and a recon 4wt.

So, who wants to chime in?

I have to go to the Orvis store tomorrow to drop of my rod, so it would be quite easy to pick up a backup while Im there
^^crazy talk. Be sure to put leaded gas in your horse and buggy on your way there too.

Seriously though, 4 weights are the sweet spot for general trout fishing.
Buy a Cabela’s CGR!!! These fiberglass rods are cheap and I use them as my back ups all the time. Slow action and with the fish size you describe every single one would put a bend in the rod as if it where 20+ inches. I would say but the 2wt or the 4/5wt rod. The 3wt is a little short for my liking. They are in sale right now for $49.99.
Ive always wanted a glass rod. Il try it out tomorrow. Why do you prefer it over graphite?
because I'm weird & fish glass for everything.

I like feeling even the smaller fish on my 6wt, yet still having the ability to huck streamers while having the backbone to deal with large fish. Same thing goes with the SF glass 4wt, incredibly versatile in its ability to handle large fish yet you'll still feel those little dinks.

The CGRs are decent for the money. In fact, I used to have the 6'6" was surprisingly a roll casting machine. That said, there's a reason I no longer have any CGRs in my stable (same reason I sold off my Blue Halos). Once you get into something like the SF Glass, or a Steffen or a McFarland, or Epic, it's an entirely different level.

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I have 2 3wt's and a 4wt. They are shorted than a 8' rod but I like them They all have a purpose, and that is to catch fish and they do.. My biggest out of small skinny water was 16" of Rainbow. Put a nice bend on my 7'9" 3wt Finesse TFO. On a Purple Haze. I fly I seldom use.
Randell is spot on, the CGR's are great little (inexpensive) glass rods but are on the short side and there are much better options now days. You can't go wrong with the super fine glass, I've got two and they're very nice. I use the SFGlass 7'6" 3wt with a 4wt line for streams such as you are describing and it's prefect, the 4wt would be more versatile and would handle some wind and heavier nymphs and small streamers. I too am a glass weirdo but they really come into it's own in the lighter line weights, I'd never go back to graphite for light line rods. Far superior for roll casting and fighting fish and just way more fun !!!

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Ive always wanted a glass rod. Il try it out tomorrow. Why do you prefer it over graphite?
The Superfine Glass 7'6 4wt is money - I fish it in a variety of water and it is one of those rods where I get stoked pulling the tube out of the closet knowing it is the rod I'm using that day.

This year it has come with me to a pond in the area and to our area tweaker-filled river, and has landed 5 species and counting off everything from small poppers to soft hackles.

I can't recommend it enough as a great 7'6 4 wt.

Having said all that, it is 7'6. And glass. And a 4 wt. if I had some advice it would be to consider the most likely application for you and conditions and think about rod length. At 7'6, it casts in tight quarters well, but if I know I'm going to be mending a bunch of two nymph rigs with indicator I probably pull another rod. It actually casts in the wind pretty well, but that is not its forte. If I know I'm going to need to accurately cast on windy medium water I grab a different rod.
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We were out for big fish on a 4-day trip and they weren't there, but the trout were. Caught enough for dinner all three nights using 8wt rods and tiny dry flies. Sure it's not as much fun as it would have been with a 4wt, but it works - and we weren't going to fish like that for the rest of our lives. Just sayin'.

Or are you searching for a reason to buy another rod? Works for me!

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