GPS App for iPhone?

I tried to search but came up empty. Looking for an APP for my iPhone that will allow me to download areas and get real time GPS when out of cellular range. Someone told me about such an animal, but old age and such.....
I find fastest and easiest maps to download are from I've used it all over the world, and am amazed how many little roads and trails are in their maps. Water bodies are sometimes not so good.

For more GPS functions, I like MotionX GPS. You can record tracks on that and they are emailed home in both .gpx and google earth formats, but their base maps are slow, big files. If there is a cell signal you can bring up high resolution air photos with your track on them.

On thing I have to repeat over and over: You do not need cell service for your GPS to work. It appears from this thread that people who post on this board are some of the few who realize that.

If you do have a signal, you have access to all sorts of basemaps without loading them in advance
I like Gaia enough that my GPS stays home now. The Topo maps are great. I was buying them off Ebay and loading them on my laptop, but this is so much easier. The ease of downloading areas into your phone is great too. The tracks and waypoints are easy and I find myself saving info more; no more 'where was that gravel bar with all the rainbows!'. The only downside is battery life. On extended trips a solar panel is necessary, where my Garmin would last for days. I haven't tried the other programs mentioned, but really like the ability to plan tracks ahead of time easily. I head to Kodiak tomorrow. I drew a box around the island and presto, the entire island is available with offline Topo maps. Sweet.
I’ve downloaded a few georeferenced maps and used the app Avenza to view them on my iPhone. It was recommended by one of my professors and worked alright for my needs. I used it for day trips navigating Mt. Rainier national park and a research trip to southwest B.C.

I’ve considered Gaia and it sounds convenient. How does the free version compare to paid service?

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