Rods that throw Full Sinking Lines

In your opinion, what do you prefer to cast your type 5/6/7 full sinkers with?
Fast? Slow?... I am looking for a powerful 6 or a regular 7 and am wondering what rods other people throw those lines with. Brands/models/past experience/details would help a lot. Thanks :)

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I think a slower action rod feels kinda nice when tossing a sinking line. But, a fast rod will probably pick it up better, do better in the wind, toss larger flies, and have more percision. If that matter to you. Check out the Echo distance rod if u dont wanna toss out 600 bucks. Atleast i think thats the one...if tim rajeff makes it then it is the one i have been told is a money rod for distance and sinking lines. It does have a downlocking seat for blance, and i dont really like the feeling of those, with the screws rubbing agaisnt ur hand and all.



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I have been using a full sink intermediate line for the past two weeks on my TFO rod (6 weight) and love it. If I am standing and don't have alot of wind I can cast the line. Picking it up is easy too. If I let it sink real deep its almost easier to cast off of the pickup. I fish with two flys as a standard and do quite of a bit of fishing with streamers with the sinking line. It handles the weight well without alot of crashing around. The only time that it will crash around is if you have a stiff wind at you back that shortens your backcast.

I casted the two middle priced Echo rods too and I liked them. But for this I would recommend not to get them as they have a sensitive tip that bends very easily. I wouldn't image that that kind of tip would be good for heavy flies and lines. I don't think that I casted the rod that Zen talked about though. I am sure its worth a look see. Echo does make a pretty good rod. This rod is pretty fast, but not lightning fast. I would definitely cast a TFO if I were you, at 220 bucks its a good deal too.

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I started to use my St Criox LU-906-SW for casting sinking lines as a test the other day. It will now be my sinking line rod always hands down.
StCroix Legend Ultra 9'9" 6wt. Great rod for sinking lines and float tubing it. The extra length really helps. Not a forgiving rod for light tippets though. My 9'6" DS2 is too soft but more fun to land smaller fish on. It makes a better chrony rod with a floater. :thumb:
The line i use for my streamer fishing is type 7 full sink 7 weight, as those who have seen me streamer fish know. I have been fishing it on a DS2 6 weight which just isnt enough rod, yes it works but not efeciently. I think the BIIx is the right action, mid tip flex, lots of backbone. I will have to save for a while to get one of those. I guess the ibis would fit as well.
BTW, how much does it cost to get one of those custom jobs made for you?
i have casted both side by side. The TCR has something weird about it though that isnt like the echo. I actually like 10' 7 weight demo that i picked up yesterday, but i have to give it back before they go into production which is this week. bawling: Maybe in a month or two i will get it back for good!