How Leader Shy Are Pike?


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I'm gearing up to try the "Pike Thing" and could use some help on leaders.
I tied one last night with 4' of 40# Maxima, 30" of 25# Maxima, and a18" piece of 20# Tyger Wire.
I'm thinking non slip loop to the fly but have seen that some use a snap which seems to make sense rather than trashing the wire if I do alot of fly changes.
I also thought of using some Power Pro Braid to the fly instead of wire.
I might add that I'm planning on fishing the upper couple of feet of the water column with floating or Intermediate lines.
Am I close or way off?
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They arnt. I tie on tip, 3 ft 40 lb maxima, 3 ft 20 lb maxima, 18 inch berkely steel leader. I dont think ive had a pike refuse anything because of a leader, ive had them try to grab the fly after it is pulled out of the water at the boat with me standing right over it.


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If your leader is thick enough, they are likely to mistake it for a fish and try to eat it. As apex predators, they are not afraid of nothin.


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I just use 5' of 0.45 or 0.50 mono, fluoro is fine too. Then this wire from Vision, turn it 8 times then heat with a flame to melt together, i was skeptical at first but it's VERY strong. Just loop to loop connection to the 5' leader, clip is to change flies easily. Whole bite tippet is only 13" long when completed. View attachment 173220
Thanks Adam, I saw something about melting those loops but like you was skeptical. I'll have to give it a try.
I like that clip for the fly as well.