How Leader Shy Are Pike?


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Leader? Just tie your fly directly to flyline.
That'd work, the brighter the line the better. It's about gaining attention. They generally are the top predator in their waters, if they see something at the end of a bright line, that could be food, it probably will be.


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Rather than just trusting the old wives tales and anecdotes, I did a side by side test one time during a day of pretty consistent pike fishing and found that I got about 50% more eats on 60# mono than I did on single strand wire. I also tried using Power Pro and it failed faster than mono and tangled worse than you could imagine.

The downside of mono is you have to keep an eye on it and retie frequently. For what it's worth, my largest pike was caught incidentally while lake trout fishing with straight 20#, but that was just because I was lucky and hooked it in the corner of the mouth.