Trip Report Small Creek Honey Hole


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The goal this weekend was to backpack to a lake where my fiance and I could catch a lot of fish. Amy wanted to practice fighting and landing fish before we have a guided trip in August.

Turns out, alpine lakes are a popular destination on a hot Seattle weekend. We got laughed at in the ranger station when we asked if there were any camping permits available at a lake. So, we pulled out a map and found a network of small creeks with a trail in the area.

The creeks were running high and fast, but I could see that there would still be some slow water around banks and behind obstructions.

It was hot:


First sighting of the creek:


We set up camp just shy of 7 miles in. The water was super fast at camp, so I wound my way through thick forest to explore downriver. I eventually found a log crossing to an island, with a surprise on the far end:


I sat on this log and watched the pool, rod still in it's tube. After about 10 minutes of river contentment, I noticed what I thought to be a brown leaf trapped in the currents move oddly. As soon as I realized this was actually a fish, my eyes were able to focus in on many fish holding in the pool and feeding subsurface.

Strung the rod, threw on a Griffith gnat, and the fun began. I think I only had a total of 5 casts where there wasn't some sort of fish response.

They were beautiful:


After doing a lot of confirming there were fish, I ran back to camp to grab Amy to get her out to the pool. She approached it Huck Finn style:


Within fifteen minutes Amy tripled her lifetime fish count (it didn't start super high) and found some of the biggest fish in the pool.



We put the rod away to give the pool some peace and sat on the log, easily able to spot fish in the pool by their red bellies.

The next morning, I went back to that hole without a camera and started trying to target the bigger fish. I could see some holding on the bottom, and it became a new challenge to try to get these larger fish to move off their spot. The biggest fish I caught was around 12 inches. He hit a size 10 stimulator.

Amazing weekend. I love exploring new water.