Anyone want to fish around Monroe tommorrow?


A day not spent wasted is.....wasted.
I was thinking of hitting Tye lake in Monroe. Been having good luck there lately. I plan to fish from three pm to eleven at night on Wednesday the 27th. Never really done any night fishing but that lake is real calm when dusk approaches. I heard that the big fish come out to play at night.

PM me or post I will check tommorrow.


Zen Piscator

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I can't fish cause i live 6 hours away by car, but here is some advice for night fishing.

-know the spot your fishing, well enoug to get around in the dark

-It its a lake and you have no moon or clouds, its a good plan to leave a latern or something on near your car until you can memorize how to get back in pitch black.

-Fish HUGE flies. I mean like, 7 inches long, and bulkey. You can fish them in tandem with smaller stuff.

-Big fish move shallower in the night, so fish the edges and flats.

-Use an agressive strip and always keep line control. Sometimes fish will be on your bug nearly the instant it hits the water.

-Keep your gear and what you take with you as simple as possible, so you could do it with your eyes closed. Also, i practiced until i can tie every knot i use besides the nail and bimini with my eyes closed. Try to do the same, it isnt that hard. Threading a fly without a headlamp can be tough, but not turning on a head lamp will help you keep ur night vision. Simple gear doesnt get tangled as easily, and tangles are NO fun in the dark.

-Use heavy lines. If you hang a pig, you want to be ready for it.

Night fishing rocks. I like fishing creeks at night, but that is a little tougher than lakes, and i only do it on one creek that i know very very well.



A day not spent wasted is.....wasted.
Thanks for the tips Zen. I will have a headlamp and be tying up "night leeches" for tommorrow. I have a two new spools of heavy tippet to use too. I am lucky that this lake has street lights near the lake for easy orientation.

No takers? A day not spent fishing is a day wasted.

Old Man

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Get a job Tripp. That way you won't be up all night trying to get a gang to go fishing with. If you post earilier in the day I might even show up.

Check you PM's.



A day not spent wasted is.....wasted.
Old man said:
Get a job Tripp.

I going to have to work till I am dead in less than a year when I graduate from college. I have to get all the fishing in now so I have something to daydream about in the office. :p


A day not spent wasted is.....wasted.
Sweet Backyard. Maybe I can flagrantly copy some of your night techniques. I will be in the shop later tying up some flies for tonight. Convince wrldaglr to come too. ptyd

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