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Hello all. I’m Curtis new to the forum and new to fly fishing world. I have gone two a few different streams in the past few weeks and had decent luck with some small cutthroat. I am planning on taking a one day one night trip to the Yakima river in a couple weeks. My question is where would you go looking for a first come first serve spot along the river to pitch a tent and fish. I’m not after your secret spots just want to go fish. I work a lot so I don’t have a lot of time to search this will be a Saturday afternoon to late Sunday trip. I live close to Seattle and don’t want to drive more than 2 to 3 hours. Anyway thanks for any input and thanks for all the good info on this site I consult this site everytime a question pops into my head. Thanks all.


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Welcome to the board.

There are a lot of camping spots in the Yakima canyon. Big Pines probably has the most spots. There are a few at Lmuma. Used to be some at Umtanum. Don't know if there still are. I think there are some private spots at Bighorn.

Couple things to mention, though. Flows on the Yak run high in the summer. Right now, the river is running about 4000 CFS at Umtanum. Wading is dangerous at anything approaching 2000 CFS. Unless you're taking a boat, the Yak might not be the best choice.

Also, just showing up on a Saturday afternoon in August and hoping to find a campsite anywhere in Washington is an iffy proposition. Seems like everyone in the state sleeps in a tent sometime during the summer. From what I understand, reservations are pretty much mandatory this time of year.


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I was thinking about this some more. If this trip is more about fishing than camping, on Saturday, you should go fish the Cedar, then go home. On Sunday, go back and fish the Cedar again. See if you learned anything.

Been a while since I fished there. 4wt rod, give or take. I used to fish a nymph under an indicator, maybe a nymph under a caddis. Lots of guys here know more about fishing the Cedar than me.
Are there any good tributairies that come off the yak that would be good this time of year really interested in camping and fishing need to get out could be my last shot at camping this summer. If not any spots that would be good this time of year and I will find a spot there is lots of places to camp out there I am checking out the cedar in two weeks after my union apprenticeship class ends in the evening. Looking forward to that. Heard alot about that river
Google maps is my friend for sure but I wanna kno if anyone has gone out this summer and had good luck on the east side of the mountains. Omg I’m there and camp I can go find my stream or river I so choose.

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Why not head up the Salmon la Sac You have the Cle Elum River to fish and play around at. The Yakima is usually crowded with the Rubber hatch coming off.

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