Stream and River Fishing in Mt Rainier NP?

I am planning on a midweek three night camping trip to Mt Rainier NP in the next couple of weeks to do photography
Would love to fish for 3-4 hours each day on moving water that contains a decent amount of trout that are at least 12" long
Is this do-able or is it a pipe dream?


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Pipe dream. As the park's FAQ page notes "Many of the rivers flowing off Mount Rainier contain glacial silt; fish are not abundant in park waters."
Agree with HBB. Not much moving water worth fishing in the Park.

The Ohanapecosh River is a beautiful looking, clear, fly fishing only stream but the fish are few and far between. Spent several days exploring it in the late 70's and only only found one consistent riffle on the entire stretch I fished. Better to put your time in elsewhere.

The Golden Lakes chain on the west side of the park have a population of self-sustaining brookies. It's a long hike and you need a raft.

Big Rob

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Pipe dream...kinda.
Ohanapecosh is great, but fish are small, and rise willingly to attractor dries.
You can easily have a 15-20 fish outing, but yeah,...small fish 7-8"
I m up there at least once a summer w my kids.


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West side streams don't grow large trout, the water seems to be too acidic for bugs to flourish and hence trout grow much slower and not as large. East side fish in more alkaline water fare much better. Steelhead know this and head to the ocean to get a decent meal.