Performance Evaluations

If you're in my boat and you can't row I'll give helpful pointers. I figure out pretty quick if you're there to drink beer or fish. My son and I fished with my cousin at our family reunion last month. He took every call that came in and even put us on a work conference call in the boat. The fact that he was in the front and couldn't cast worth a shit (he way oversold his ability) was massively annoying. Shockingly he didn't catch any fish! My kid caught 10 from the back. My cousin did try to implement my suggestions, his phone just got in the way. It was nice catching up with him tho.

If you can row and you need pointers- you're on your own.

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When I fish with a guide that I have paid the big $ to I expect to get some in put on my casting, how to hold my mouth, what rock to stand on, etc.
I have walked up to guys that look like they are having some casting problem, and pointed out what I saw. If they don't say anything I take that as a F U and walk away.
I have helped out a newbie, many times and gotten some "thank yous"


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When others are evaluating my rowing skills, I always receive an A+.

But don't forget - winners aren't born, they're made.


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On the flip side of things.... I find it extremely frustrating when guys in my boat dont take advice that I KNOW will make them more productive. My father and brother being the two most guilty partners.

I always coach my one buddy who has a genuine interest in progressing. When he hooks up it is just as satisfying as if I did myself.

Trying to give my wife pointers on the oars usually ends up in an argument, which is awesome.


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Don't offer advise unless I'm asked to but would like to share this joke on the subject I saw in a Dilbert comic strip:
Management's take on the "measure twice,cut once" credo:Measure once,cut twice and then give the tape measure a bad performance review."


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Funny, but I was thinking about Performance Evaluations just this week. My brother was out visiting from Vermont, and we spent three days fishing small creeks up in the North Cascade neighborhood. The deal is, we’re not taking it too seriously, and it’s definitely not a competition, but of course we’re both secretly keeping score in our heads. Overall, I think I came in a close second.

At times I found myself thinking “He’s doing so many things wrong, how is he even catching fish?” Here I am wearing stealthy clothes, skulking along doing my best to blend in with the background, keeping low and being sneaky, making sure to cover the water carefully and methodically so as not to spook fish in another part of the pool, taking care with gentle presentations… the usual small creek schtick. He walks up, wades through good water, slaps his line on the surface, lets his fly drag, etc., and still makes it work. Really well.
I’m tempted to tell him all the things he’s doing wrong, but then…… naaah. He probably wouldn’t even listen to me, and besides, who’s “winning?”

Funny, I totally put him on the one big fish we caught in three days. We stopped to check out a bigger river, geared up and walked down to have a look. First big pool- the Swimmin’ Hole; people and dogs hanging out on the beach, big flat, open run. I’m about to write it off, then see a pretty good looking rise low in the pool, go into guide mode. “OK, directly between you and that leaning cottonwood, about 15-20’ off the bank in the very tail of that current seam. Go to it bro.” Three casts…..boom! Maybe I should put that in the win column for me.


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