“Cult” fly rods


A 2001 Ugly Stick Fly Delux..... You'd need to be part of some warped cult to enjoy casting that nightmare!

Took one to Baja on a Dorado trip for backup. Someone actually suggested the thing for blue water.

GoodGawd the thing was impossible to cast and while you may not have been able to break it, you sure as the devil didn't need to worry about breaking it on a fish because you couldn't cast a fly far enough to catch one.

I don't remember who recommended I take the rod as a backup and it's a good thing because I'd hold that against them forever. The Ugly Stick fly rod... for the sick demented cult.
My three most used rods are a Sage 690 LL (graphite 2),T&T ES 905, and Sage 4711 LL (graphite 3). Makes me wonder if rod manufacturers know how many fishermen love these older (I guess, slower) rods. Seems they keep moving ever faster. As I age I will admit lighter rods hold some attraction and I do like the storage convenience of a 4-pc rod over the 2-pc (I also own a 10' 2-pc 7 wt that is a bitch to transport). I am conflicted thinking that I "should" upgrade my two and three decades old rods but they have served me well, so why spend the money. And I remember the regret of selling off my cane to get my hands on one of those new fangled graphite sticks.

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I find having a particular fly rod...I have found...not pursued...challenges me...every one casts differently...and after all this time learning to love and use what I have is a joy...Hey I took up fly fishing for a reason...it was the art of the magic wand, each is different and needs to be loved in a different way...I like that.


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my first "nice" rod was a Sage RPL. back then that was the go fast machine. guaranteed to reach that striper blitz just beyond the surf. chuck and duck those big bunker patterns. it was a two piece nine weight. lots of firsts on that one. i miss it now. foolishly traded it. but i still have my #8 and #10 RPLX. mucho amor for the graphite III.
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I think that it is telling that almost all rods mentioned are 1 handers. Seems like even in WA state, more people use singles.
Due to my shoulders and my steelheadcentric ways I have not cast many singles for years. I feel completely inadequate in this discussion.
I keep telling myself that I need to get back in the trout game, or at least beach coho.

Go Sox,
I threw in a switch and couple Spey on my original post. I just don’t think that there are as many that completely stand out. Maybe a few morw

Sage brownie 6126
Burkie 7125


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389 LL
590-4 Z Axis
691-4 XP
890 XP

5119-4 TCX
8113-3 RPL

6129-4 VXP (Biggest sleeper in Sage's history with a devout cult following)
7126-4 TCX
7136-4 Z Axis
*9140-4 Brownie (The original)
9140-3 Graphite III
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I really like the action of the echo micro practice casting rod. Bends deep like a Burkie, but it's also super fast, and produces effortless, wind penetrating tight loops. Haven't tied a bug on it yet, but I'm sure it'll make a #22 comparadun lightly kiss the surface of a spring creek, yet drive a deer-hair bass popper through a Wyoming-class gale. Can't wait to try some 3-fly indicator fishing with it - all double tungsten beads of course.

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