“Cult” fly rods

Some cult classic graphite rods I can think of:
Scott G 844/5
Scott G 906
Scott G 883
Scott STS 909
Any Burkheimer
Winston BIIT 486
Winston TMF
Orvis Far and Fine
T&T LPS series
Kyle: Some time ago, I built a fine backpacking rod on the G 844/5 blank. Burl sliding ring reelseat, black single ring guides, silk wraps. Smooth medium action. It's seen more than a few high country lakes and streams, including small streams in New Zealand.


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Have not seen one of those in years. Can’t remember the year they came out but 15+ ago? Originally instructional rods and the yellow was to show more easily on video. So I was told.

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Sage Xi3- the best light saltwater rod ever made IMO and has a huge cult following here w/surf fly casters

Sage TCX 8119- I looooooooooooooooove this rod. My newest acquisition. This baby is sweeeeeeeeet. I don’t feel this rod is soulless at all. It’s been tossing basically any head I’ve tried on it.

I am a member of the Blue Halo fiberglass cult now. Got a 7’6” 3wt and it’s perhaps THE most fun small trout / small water rod I’ve ever owned. Will get more and HIGHLY recommended

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