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So is my 9’6 7wt RPL+!!! I’ve hooked into everything with that rod, even a king salmon. It was the first nice fly rod I ever bought! Got it at the old Avid Angler.

It was the first Sage I ever got! A gift from my dad. Been all over the world and caught more fish that I can ever count. Since it’s a 2 piece I don’t travel with it anymore, but I still use it as a shark rod for surf casting here. PERFECT leopard shark rod, IMO


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The first high end rod I bought was a 10ft 8wt Loomis IMX for steelhead . I saw Gary a few weeks ago, and brought it up it’s still catching fish, and his remark was it’s probably worth double what you bought it for on eBay. I’ll die with that rod . Too many fish and memories

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I fully agree, many of us have not.

I have owned and fished Sage RPL's, Winston IM6's including TMF's, Loomis IM6's and IMX's. When I retired I downsized my quiver to be for the type of fishing I enjoy most and realistically am able to do physically. I have not regretted selling any of them. QUOTE]

That's an esteemed lot. What did you keep?


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maybe i missed it but i'm surprised the Death Star hasn't been listed yet?

i am a big fan of Epic fly rods made in Wanaka NZ. very smooth, well casting tools.
I love the Death Star, should pick one up.. don't need it, I have a Beulah 12'7" that rocks and a CND Solstice 14'3".. plus another 4 or 5 rods including a Sage 9140 vps..

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I agree with many of you folks respective to cult status rods. I'm surprised the Z-Axis was only mentioned once. I sold an 590-4 XP to purchase a 590-4 Z-Axis, and it was the right decision. The Z-Axis was deservedly the successor to the venerable XP.

I believe no one has mentioned the GLX (called the GLX Classic now). In the mid/late 1990's, this rod was sooooo ahead of its time. Ultra light in its respective line weight, with tons of subtle power and generating incredible line speed without being a broomstick, it took a long time for other manufacturers to catch up to those designs. Amazing rods. An example of how good a rod model it is? It first came out over 20 years ago (!!), and it's still being offered today. And still kicks ass.
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Rods actions change over the years- so do we. What I liked 30 years ago ain’t what I like now- mostly because my tastes changed.BUT who doesn’t like picking some favs.All with a Western slant...
Young Para 15 or Summers 856 cane( same ).
Young Perfectionist- the guy was a genius.
Garrison- any of them if you dare find one and actually fish it.
Brandin 8’ #4 (hollow) goes great in behind the front seat of your Ferrari with rod tube out the window and your significant other in passenger seat.....
Winston TMF( Morgan) 8’ it really is a #3 not a#4-true cult rod... not as easy to fish as you may think but once in the groove it is groovy.
Sage 990 original Graphite ....started it all with big sticks.Cant find one- try RPL.
Winston IM6 8 1/2’ #5 in 2piece....the trout rod of trout rods for a long time.Until Sage One 586 came out.
Sage 590 RPL set the standard for the big balls “the western trout rod”
Sage 389 LL king of all spring creeks until SageOne 490.
Thomas & Thomas extra dry fly Graphite- try to find one.Very nice and still nothing like it.You will want to put your ascot on and light a pipe.
Death Star- The two hand Unicorn chasing standard.
Scott original G 904 - started the whole long/light craze, and is was great.Still nice to swing.Put a blunt in your mouth and look for a riser.
Winston Pure 804 - good god it’s nice.Does Winston know what they made?
Winston BIIx 386- yes, maybe better than Sage 389LL -no kidding buy one if you see one out there and tell me I am wrong.
Sage Method 690-Maybe not yet appreciated by masses, but what a monster fly rod! Light strong, fast,trout to Bonefish,Summer runs, big flies- Siem at his best.
Sage One 490- Those of you that have one, you know! Maybe the best Western #4 weight ...of all time? I say yes.Siem’s unknown masterpiece...maybe.
Scott Radian 905- current western 9’ #5 standard.Put Scott on Podium It’s great but.........
Sage One 586- you fish out west,and want the best fly rod for trout- this is it.So light and precise.Great trout rod.Lazer accurate.Such a pleasure to fish.I don’t see them on re-sale often.Most go for 9’ #5, but this thing is crazy good at 8 1/2’ #5 and easy casting. Much easier to cast then Radian 905.
Scott F2 703 - nice light glass, that can cast a #3 line and still make little fish feel big and doesn’t feel floppy like some glass.
That's an esteemed lot. What did you keep?
I kept all my Loomis IM6 4 to 7 weight rods. In hind sight I should not of sold my TMF rods - best dry fly rods ever IMHO...

I finally found some Loomis IM6 9 foot 4 piece rods in 5 and 6 weight. They are my travel rods. A Very happy camper but 2 piece rods ROCK!. There is something special about the feel and action of a 2 piece IM6 rod by Loomis...
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I love the Death Star, should pick one up.. don't need it, I have a Beulah 12'7" that rocks and a CND Solstice 14'3".. plus another 4 or 5 rods including a Sage 9140 vps..
Dude!!!!..that 12’7 Beulah was the best scandi rod I’ve put my hands on, didn’t care for the platinum series. And you know I’ll buy that when your ready Bill! :) lol ... CND RODS AND ALL CND LINES are welcome in my house.

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Steve Rajeff
Yep. Gee, Rajeff has only won the American Casting Association (ACA) All Around Champuonship 38 consecutive times (and I think that may be an old stat), and won the Bi-Annual World Campionship 13 times. Try and find any sport or competition where someone has been that dominant for that long.

And he designs Loomis rods. Think he might know a thing or two about designing fly rods?

Good enough for a Steve, good enough for me.

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