The Skagit's up

On Tuesday, the Skagit below the Sauk was a few feet higher, and visability was down to around a foot and a half. The Sauk was at < 1'. The Skagit above the Sauk was also higher, but with excellent visability. The wind lasted through most of the day, and was troublesome.

For those who will be closing out the spring steelhead season on Saturday, there will be a spey casting gettogether/casting contest, etc., at Howard Miller Steelhead Park in Rockport.
Nooksack Mac,

It was nice running into you on the Skagit a couple weeks ago. I went fishless for all 4 days, but the wife hooked up with a nice bright hen right where we were talking. Her first steelie and her first fish ever on a spey rod. She was bright eyed and bushy tailed all week

Too bad we didn't have more time, would have liked to have picked your brain a little more.



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I plan to be on the Sauk most of the day Saturday, so I might drop in for a while at the spey thing in Rockport.

Thanks for the heads-up Nooksack, do you know what time that is going to held? never mind, just saw the Jimmy Green thread it said 10AM to 4PM.


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