Report on the new OPST Commando Smooth integrated line


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For someone that has only cast DT floating or WF floating or 10 ft sink tips and the cheapest ones on the shelf all I can say is OMG have I been missing out!!!
I went to the beach today for the 1st trial run and fishing for surf perch. Compared to what I've been used to the new line is simply amazing. 1 overhead false cast and bam out shoots 80 feet of line. I also had a OPST 5 ft micro sinking tip and 9 ft. of tapered leader on the business end. This was on my 9ft. LL Bean 7 weight rod. I changed the reel and line to my very old fiberglass W&M rod that's a 9 1/2 ft. 8 weight and it felt exactly the same in my hand as far as loading up on the rod but it shot out another 10 feet of running line.

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