Season Opener Destinations?


It's tradition that accounts for the huge opening day crowds. This was fostered when there were few year around lakes and families took advantage of the opener to have a family get together.

Also, for westsiders like me it was a good excuse to head east and see some real sun for the first time each spring. My family had our fishing parties at Sun Lakes for 45 years straight until too many died or moved away. The traditions persist even though the original reason has faded some.

I enjoy tubing in the put and take lakes just to people watch. Also, I've had pretty good success with holdovers by staying deep most of the time. I'll probably hit Lake 16 or Heart Lake this year. It's easy to avoid the boat ramp crowd with a tube.
Oh gee whiz I think I will just go to a lake where most people get skunked and see if some of the big cutts are willing to PLAY :)

You gotta love them wild fish!

Have fun with your hatchery zombies, you will probably catch more fish than I do but mine will be BIGGER!!!! And they are wild! I will take a couple of 16 or 18 inch wild cutts over 50 of those 10 inch hatchery brats LOL!!!

Alpine Trout, if you want to hook up this weekend let me know. I think this is a lake that will test your abilities and may even remind you of some of those Canadian waters you grew up on. They aren't easy to catch but they are there!



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I'll be joining some of the east side board members for the spring Chironimid-A-Thon. But I don't plan to inhale. Going primarily to visit with some buds, listen to some tall tales, catch a couple of fish and most importantly plan some future trips. I fished last week and I'll be fishing all next week so opening day is mostly a social event. Serious stuff starts on Tuesday. Ive

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Me? My honey is taking me to a year-round FF only lake. I'm guessing the pressure there will be slightly less than normal. Who knows tho.

You know what is totally effed up IMHO? The Wilderness Lake midnight open. All those drunk dads and kids waiting around until midnight to troll around in the dark catching trips. The kids stay up til 5 in the morning (if they don't fall overboard). I bet they are a complete wreck the next day.

I've never seen it but I hear about it every year. Weird.

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I never go out opening day. There are intirely to many IDIOTS out there that don't give a damn to who they step on or run over.


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I did the Lk Wilderness thing one time many years ago. Back when I still used a spin rod. Line right in the water right at midnight along with enough others on the lake and shore to walk on water. Fished it till well past noon the next day and caught nothing but a buzz for my trouble. Funny thing is, I never saw a fish caught the rest of the day and they had a trout contest for the largest trout with the top prize a brand new bass boat with spotters all over the lake. Since they had had no one catch a fish and turn it in all day, that had entered and paid the fee, they opened it up to any one who could catch a fish that day on Wilderness to pay the entry fee and win the bass boat. The winning fish turned out to be all of about 3"-4" with the winner of that large minow taking home the bass boat. The story got even stranger from there. On the way home one of the guys asked to stop at the store on the way home. He went in and bought 2 trout from the meat section and took them out and put then into a garbage bag. When we asked him why, he stated that there was no way his wife would believe he was fishing all night and most of the day without bringing home a fish. She of course a day or two later, found a small artical in a local paper and asked him why he had not turned in his fish since he really wanted a boat and his fish looked to be much larger then the one shown in the paper. The artical also talked about how the fish had all been killed before the recent plant to kill off weeds and that the birds had followed the hatchery truck and ate all the fish as they where dumping them in. He had to come clean and tell her that he had bought the fish at market, so that she would not think that he was cheating on her.
That was my one and only time ever bothering going out early on opening day for the midnight opening.
To much, to many people, To much, much to much.


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I've had mixed results with doing the midnight opener thing on Pine and Rattlensnake.

Pine lake was better for midnight fishing since it had more light from the surrounding houses. Rattlesnake was tought because you coundn't see all the stumps and snags - plus when we did it, the wind and rain and cold made those less 'hearty' start wimping out early...

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Sadly, will miss the "Big Show" this year, as I will be in California at a golf tournament with my son. But, for many years have scoped out a lake with trips planted, and show up about 9:30. That way the midnight crowd is tired, limited out, leaving and I get to park right next to the launch! Have found the fish get going about 10:30 (chow time at the concrete pond?) and it just gets better until 3 PM or so. Have fished the same lake for years, and have gotten to know a lot of the property owners, watched their kids grow, and have even gotten a few converts to fly fishing after they ask, "how you catching so many?" Any time on the water is good.

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Haven't wet a line in over 4 weeks. :( No gas $$(cutomers sitting on my billing and having to pay IRS and property taxes), too much work and other BS, but the winds are forecast to be S or SW here on the coastal strip thru Saturday, with drizzle/light rain showers, so I plan to hike/crawl out on the Jetty and try to catch me some greenlings, black rockfish, and maybe a ling cod. Good eatin! I'll be bait fishing, maybe throwing lead-head soft plastics, but I just might bring along my 8wt and this bigass herring immitation Bob Triggs gave me last month. He said that I should give it a try next time I go out on the Jetty. Might go surf perchin'.
There's a kid's tournament going on Sat at my favorite local lake, so I may go on Monday when the weather is supposed to improve. I may take most of next week off, and go on tour camping and fishing, as I have been in work-blitzkreig mode playing "beat the weather" trying to claw my way out of this pit and have only 4 more gigs to hack before I can hang loose for a few days. :cool:


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Bob Triggs said:
Since when do surfers pay taxes? :confused:
Bob, they catch up to you when you retire from surfing and set foot on land. bawling:

Also, One's "bros" relentlessly tax ya on a daily basis, the rich are buying up all the best places, and yer urban homotopia's got no homey-o-stasis. Tax that whydoncha! :ray1:

Jimbo, no poet :p