WA Fisherman's Annual Complaint Cycle

I'm coming up on my fifth anniversary in the Evergrassisalwaysgreener State. I'm starting to get a grasp on the cycle of things, but maybe you could help fill in the gaps on the calendar. It goes something like this.

I'll start with the present season.
Ahhh Springtime. After a short burst of enthusiasm as the weather warms slightly and a few fish are caught, anglers' minds quickly begin to focus on crying over too many closed rivers. "Boy, can't wait for June 1st...the grass will surely be greener then."

June 1st finally rolls around. Mad rush for the rivers. All is well in the world...for a few days anyway. The weather warms. The water temps warm. The water levels drop. There's not enough rain. This will surely be the summer that the entire steelhead and trout populations will be erased permanently from the face of the earth. The horror! $%**)!! global warming is to blame!! "Boy, sure can't wait for the fall and some cooler water temps. The fall rains will bring the water levels back to a healthy level again and the grass will certainly be greener then!"

Autumn finally arrives. Fish have better H2O levels, the rivers are coming up, & if you time your trip just right, you'll catch the river dropping right back to that ideal level. Salmon returns are good. Oh yeah, the grass is greener.....but then....when will the $#@%!! rain ever stop. All my favorite rivers are blown. The salmon returns are 20% of what the ^%@!! WDFW projected...worthless @@$$h0!e$. Can't wait for the winter run Steelies. The OP will surely be in good shape & I'll just dedicate the rest of the fall to getting my collection of bushy steelie spey flies bulked up. Oh, can't wait for the greener grass of the winter.

Winter. Ice is on my guides. Cold water makes my joints ache. It still hasn't stopped raining. The OP rivers are all still blown. Emergency closures on all my fave spots. Yak floats are all we have going for us now. Sure can't wait for spring because everybody knows the grass gets good and green then baby!!
:rofl: :rofl:

Ok, add a few if you'd like.
LOL! I think it is human nature to not appreciate what you have until it is gone and to always think that the next bend in the river will bring Utopia.

There is no question that the crowds have increased on the popular waters that frequently make message boards like these. It is also no secret that the state is in a bit of drought the last several years which ultimately does effect the fishing. However, being the anti social type that I am, I just take the path less traveled to find peace and quiet. During the down years, I adjust my expectations and rediscover the joy of catching an 8 inch wild west slope cutt out of some no name stream in the mountains. Really I think we are our own worst enemy most of the time by getting so caught up in the hype and the big fish syndrome that we forget to see the beauty that is before our eyes here in the PNW.

Zen Piscator

Supporting wild steelhead, gravel to gravel.
Ya, people should just stop fishing. It sucks and is never fun. Get off our rivers, its not worth it.

Hehehe, more room for me.
A very funny and insightful thread!!!

My version is: spring, my favorite lake is calling. How many newbies will come in and fish it and get totally skunked, never to return. Oh I love those big wild cutts!

The water is warming up so higher I will go and fish for some more wild fish. I know there is a 20 incher or two with my name on it. Plus there are some beaver ponds that need to be prodded and some little creeks to ramble along.

Late summer has come and SRC's are to be had if one wants to work for them, and I do! It is amazing what a 3/4 mile walk will do to get some solitude LOL.

Then November arrives and it is ducks, birds or fish. The ducks and birds usually win out.

February comes along and it is time to dream of spring and create some new flies to try out on some new lakes when the grass turns green!

Intermixed are a trip or two to the river I love to hate, the Yak.

Yes, I fish off the beaten path for the most part. I always look what is there for the offering. I have expectations but I also know reality.

For me it is to get out and observe and be a part of what is really there. I the predator!

Seldom will you find me on any planted water. I look for and fish the wild fish. Pine Lake, Rattelsnake, Martha you name it have little to offer as far as I am concerned!

Is your cup half empty or half full? Mine is over flowing and I intend to keep it that way!!!! Twice the grim reaper has knocked on my door. Twice he has been turned away!!!

You better learn how to enjoy what you have given to you. Help your brother and enjoy what is offered! What ever seed you plant today you will harvest in the future!

The third time he knocks may be the last time. Well I am going with a smile on my face and my mind at peace! All that counts is right now. make the best of the moment. the calendar will take care of itself, LOL!! Along the way maybe I can help a person or two. Maybe I can keep everything in perspective. Maybe I can keep in mind how fortunate I am to be here and not in some GOD foresaken place where I need to fight for survival every waking moment!


Old Man

Just an Old Man
Dave, twice? When was the second one?

I thought that when anybody lived in this state a while they had all the seasons down pat. 6 months of rain and 6 months of no rain. Two seasons,no more.
Besides I have been quitting complaining. It doesn't do any good.

I was going to mention that there is the Jim's complaint cycle. It goes like this:

January: at least 31 complaints
Feb: " "
Mar. " "
Apr: " "
May " "
Jun...well, you get the idea.

Bob the Somedays he has to complain more than once just to stay caught up. :p :p :p :p
p.s. I didn't go to Dry Falls for a good reason, Jim.
Jim, you know about the second one and then there were the ones in NAM that don't count. The first one changed me forever.

Bob, missed you on the Yak with nomlasder.



Assylum Escapie
Death has knocked on my door one to many times and I have not even reached 30 yet but every time that bastard comes I am ready to go with a smile but he cant ever seem to win at a good old armwrestling match point is I used to look at it as the grass is always greener then I figured out that hey I might as well be happy with what I got because each fishin season has some thing new to offer.

Shawn Seeger

(aka. wabowhunter)
Well… there are several other seasons… there is the “the months without enough weekends” and then the “how do I decide which activity to do this weekend, hunt or fish”… that is when the wife reminds me, with a gentle reminder, “Are you complaining? If so then just don’t go…” this is here kind way of saying quit whining…

I also have had the Reaper come to call several times as well… The doctor used to tell me you better slow down, you are going to hurt a lot when you are older, if you make to older… well the older thing is knocking on the door every day, and so are the aches and pain… I am slowing a bit but still pushing myself…

My complaint is more about how do I get to quit working and still have all the money I make coming in… so that I can keep fishing and hunting…

Ok… lets go fishing or hunting or both!!!

Teach the kids to smell the roses!


Shawn Seeger

(aka. wabowhunter)
cmtundra.... Trust me... when I was younger and single there were many times that part of my brain toyed with some of those illegal things.... but my up-bringing kept me from it and Jail or Death!

I spent a year working back and forth between Florida and here... there was one legal way that I toyed with but couldn't bring myself to do was... I was working on the Atlantic Ocean and staying in a resort/condo... lots of RICH OLD LADIES... that were lonely and horned up... but I just could close my eyes long enought to act on the that...

I just keep working and looking for someway to make enought to quit and live well enought to pay for my licenses and tags...

Tight line!

Wet Line,

Must not be too many Vietnam vets on this site. Not sure when you were there or what you did, but I salute you - one vet to another. Had my own near death experience in Somalia. Turned me around. You know that I'm not saying that I would want to do it again, but it sure helped me get my priorities straightened out. Keep well.


"There are none happy in the world but beings who enjoy freely a vast horizon."

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