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On this site you only get to talk about catching them with flies. And like DS3 said do a search and also look to the Knowledge page. Tons of info there.


I also have gotten in the mood not to tell any more unless it is face to face.

To many people read this.



Use the search function. I might sound like an a** but I'm not coughing up info that has taken 20 years to aqcuire to someone on the internet who says "I NEED HELP NOW!" There's plenty of info in the archives and a couple quality shops in town that I'm sure would be happy to help.

Dave, the I'm just not in the giving mood guy. :confused:
same thing you catch other src's with, clousers work fine. There are better choices that youll find but you you will catch something if you put your time in.

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I dig your new signature bro. Call me, i have an idea involving these
and these
The water temps are getting pretty money on the middle columbia, if ya know what i mean.

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