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Jerry Daschofsky

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Actually, I'm going to start them today. Hopefully get them done tonight. If not, will have them done tomorrow. Think I may do one of my crawdad's (if you can call it that lol).


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i just finished mine... still have to print out a toe tag for them an all that but i;ll get them shipped out as soon as i can... may not be til monday as we have a big weekend of baseball though. :thumb:
Mine are going out this afternoon as well, Stu. I hope everyone enjoys them, for they give me great success when using them. Now if I can get over the hump and actually bring my first steelhead to hand then I'll be complete...LOL!!!


mike doughty

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that about covers it trevor, but personally i don't see the purpose of a toe tag since i have always posted recipes once the photo is put in the forum.

mike doughty

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wbodger said:
OK, I'm slow or somethin', but I can't find how I post my recipe...
Once the photos are taken and submitted into the gallery you can click on your fly and type in the recipe, just like adding a comment to a picture or post
Mine are in the mail. The three that don't look like the others are a few steelhead patterns for the swap meister to get wet this summer. :thumb:

OK guys, my flies went out today. :thumb: I have never tied these before and ended up tying lots of different sizes with various materials before deceiding on which one to go with. I ended up using a deer hair wing instead of squirrel tail. The deer hair was more challanging to tie in but I like the way it adds a little more body to the fly. I also added some topping feathers for a little twist. Hope you all enjoy them, I think the fish will like them. :confused: I did the best I could do with my limited tying skills and can't wait to see some of these patterns so I can make an attempt to tie some of them.

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