2018 Official College Football Thread

Or 0 and 12.....lets not forget that.

What I do enjoy is hearing how they are a playoff team every year now...at least that's over early this year.

I painfully remember that season....I'm so happy for you that you enjoy living in the past. You should buy a DVD of every game that year, it will help you deal with the coogs never being mentioned that way. Coach Leech...Coach of the Year ?...what a JOKE!
Yes our DAWGS went through a rough patch with the angry little tyrone at the helm.
Our overall record against you koogs is 72w - 32l and 6t. We've won 5 Apple Cups in a row.
The last time the kewgs won two in a row was 1929 and 30. The coogs overall record is
544 wins - 552 loses - 45 ties....
wait.....what were you saying?
Popcorn guy is to WSU what Ty was to UW...but, it was coming out of the dark swoon that Jim Sterk put the Cougs in with his lousey AD budgeting and hiring practices after Mike Price had them rolling wiht 3 10-win seasons at the turn of the century and 2 Rose Bowl appearances (too bad his Destiny was in Alabama). Leach may be an odd duck, but he's getting 8-9 wins a year in Pullman. I think he's got the Cougs almost to what he had at Texas Tech, which was 8-9 wins a year and the occasional 10. I'll take that. Cougs have owned 'Furd and the Quaks the last couple years. Only the Dawgs pound them year in and out now...oh well, better than a couple fluke league wins, a losing record, and the lucky AC win here and there.

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