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You can pretty much write off any national championship aspirations for the Dawgs. It was going to happen. They're not that good. They don't play at that level, yet.

But now that we're done with that, the Pac-12 race is great. The North title is still in the grasp of 4 teams. The South moved to places with trout. Good race for the Rose Bowl. If that's not what the prize is for winning the Pac-12, then it should be. That's a grand prize in itself.


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A week ago I was approached by a dawg fan who asked me if I was ready to see my Ducks get their ass kicked. I said the dawgs might win but I don't think it will be a butt kicking. The Ducks may have lost to Stanford (choke) but they played well enough that I thought they could play with anyone in the conference. I thought UW had the best running back but at QB I favored Herbert. Those game day guys that picked UW did so based on the quality of their defense which is damn good and contained Herbert pretty well.
Which is probably why the 3rd and 6 in OT was a run play. Huskies will run out and get into a good bowl. Ducks have another tough test next week in Pullman. Playoffs will not have a Pac-12 team this year. Oh, and I'll be seeing that husky fan tomorrow. I'll be nice. Tight lines.


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I wish the real kick had been the 2nd one. :D
The ice the Ducks threw on him is still melting.
You almost never see it called, but it can be a delay-of-game penalty to kick a practice field goal after a timeout. Could have backed him up 5 yards twice. Would not have gone over very well in that situation...

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