NFR 2018 Official College Football Thread


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Bowl teams Wake Forest, Central Florida, Mississippi State, Duke, Stanford, Notre Dame, South Carolina and Northwestern all graduated at least 93 percent of its football players and at least 81 percent of African-American players, the study found... From 2017

Those are good numbers in my view, even Lou Satan at hated Alabama manages around 84 percent.

Not a big fan of taxpayers doling out money so kids can attend a 4 year school playing a game, and then come out with a skill set equal to a homeless tweaker, and about the same job prospects...I think the NCAA, for all its many faults, has gotten better at this over time, and should be congratulated for doing better.


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Hopefully some more shake-up in the CFP race this weekend.

Syracuse vs Notre Dame at Yankee Stadium could be a good one. It was originally schedule to be a home game for ND. We'll see if they regret making a location change after this weekend.

West Virginia at Oklahoma St. Cowboys can score but have a porous defense.

Speaking of porous defenses.... Oklahoma acts like they forgot how to play it and doesn't deserve to be in the CFP.

Georgia plays UMASS and Alabama plays The Citadel. One of the advantages of a eight conference game SEC schedule.

Can Khalil Tate bring his magic against the Cougs in Pullman? AZ is still in the chase for the southern division crown. It could be a high scoring shootout and should be entertaining to watch.

just for DimeBrite.....Go Beavers! :D

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