South sound report

chris stiemert

WFF Supporter
Today was mostly about teaching my friend to fish. We went out last week for an hour or so to introduce to casting, so this was his second outing. I have never taught someone to cast and I’ll admit it’s been harder than I thought it would be, but also rewarding and the added benefit is it is helping me go back to the basics a bit and fix a few things.

We were out at 7:30, first activity, just a few birds. Spent 45 mins or so mostly just teaching casting, then head to the next beach.

Again, no activity. After 45 or so I see a really nice coho surface, then another. My friend has a gurgler pattern on with no action, I have on the herring flatwing that I have fallen in love with. Few more salmon roll, see a bird pick off what looked to be a herring, things starting to get interesting.

Hooked into and landed a beautiful SRC- 17 or so, fought hard but brought in quick, very healthy fish with just a few lice.

After this I hang up the rod to be a casting instructor again, excited to get into a fish so that my friend can see that it is possible to catch fish :)

Off the water around 10:30, all activity had died as we approached high tide.

Here’s my friend, he’s really picking it up quick, now I need to head to the classifieds to see if anyone is willing to part with a 6-wt outfit to get him his own gear:)


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