Ohanapecosh River


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Hey all - Has anyone fished this stretch of water (Packwood area)? If so, any luck? Flies etc. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.

A beautiful steam with very few fish. Very little insect life. I once spent two days straight on the river with very little to show. I'd drive up to White Pass and float tube for the brook trout at leech lake or head over Cayuse Pass and spend some time on the Little Naches or Crow Creek instead of the Ohanapecosh. Crow Creek has trout to 14 inches.


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The Ohanapecosh does have some large fish in it. They are just hard to get to with fly gear. When the water is clear, you can spot some real brutes in the deep canyon areas. In fact, if you are stealthy, they often hang out in the shallow tailout sections, but as soon as they see you, they run for cover in the deep part...