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The killer play was 3 and 17 or whatever...a stop would have forced a field goal attempt, putting the Cowboys up by 6 and leaving enough time on the clock for RW to orchestrate a TD drive. Three Seahawk tacklers had a chance to stop the QB 5 yards short of the first down but all three missed and he got down to the 2 foot line for Elliot to run it in.

I didn't realized the Dallas run defense was so stout. I agree with others...I would have liked to see a little more aggressive/dynamic offensive play calling. Like UW in the Rose Bowl, they waited too long and both wound up relying on the onside kick...never a good sign.

Good, entertaining season. Always better to over achieve than under achieve and they certainly did that.
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I wonder if there is another team out there who has played a season like the Seahawks have played. (I don’t watch the other games so i don’t know.)

But what i do know is that every game has been one that has kept me energized and hopeful ....all the way that very last two seconds of the game. How many teams give their fans that kind of hope?

It’s heartbreaking to lose games so close. But it’s been a fun year to watch for me. And Tyler Lockett is going to be with us for three more years and i love that a lot.

I feel bad for Doug Baldwin watching his interview with Ian. Such a beautiful man.
Seattle needed RW to run the ball, scramble and maybe pass it to himself if they were gonna win.

They did not use their best player....or i should say they didn't utilize him to his potential.

Very much agreed. I hated how they waited so long to start focusing on Baldwin too. I know it's a team sport but there's something to be said for leaning on your best players in big games.

Kinda wanted to see Penny and Davis run the ball more. Guessing it was a matchup thing involving his running style vs their defensive approach, but Carson was eaten alive all game. For whatever reason when they finally went to Penny in the second half it seemed his speed was the biggest difference and he was able to move the ball a bit. Just nit picky armchair coach type stuff.

Other than the result I enjoyed the hell out of the game. Some real hard hits, and the two catches by Baldwin and Locket down the sidelines were a joy to watch. Wilson launching that throw to Locket down the right sideline when he had a pressure bearing down on him instantly was a thing of beauty.

I know the drop kicks are gimmicky but I kinda dig watching it. I think it's pretty cool to have a punter with that ability.

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