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The SeaHawks were so good at getting 2 pointers in Point After Attempts maybe they should do it more often. Really changes the dynamics of the game...
A lot of, if not most, Defenses are pretty good at stopping that 2-yard try for 2 extra points. However, the Dallas D was primed to only allow Carson from +3 to -8 yards Sunday, so the 2 pt try had a better than usual probability of success.
I'm gonna file a minority opinion and say that I didn't think the offensive play calling for the hawks was that bad. Could they have gotten off the run a few series sooner, sure, but that's nit pickin', and it's not clear that would have helped. In fact it could have created a turn-over.

From what I saw (and I was drinking a local red ale that comes in at 7%, so grain of salt (or barley) rule applies...), Dallas' interior linemen were crushing the middle, and mostly doing it w/o help. That means there were a number of gentlemen ready to greet any attempt by RW to get out of the pocket. This was further evidenced by our inability to execute any sweeps or screens (at least I don't recall us pulling any of that stuff off.)

The hawks use the run to setup the shizzle stuff; and our run game was DOA. I give the game ball to the Dallas interior linemen and frankly love it when the guys in the trenches win a game; just wish it had been our guys.
I am not surprised by the Hawks losing, just kinda bummed I wouldn't get to see Skip Bayless sputter on and make excuses for Dak Prescott.
The offensive play calling was fine. The o-line is still the Achilles heel of this offense. In spite of the big improvement of play from last year, the o-line is still middle of the league when you look at Pittsburgh, Cleveland and others. The run game was facilitated through overloaded sets and pure physicality of the guards and running backs. The Dallas front seven simply out physical'd Seattle at the line of scrimmage, and I am OK with that. Show up to a playoff game and do what your team does well is a recipe for success. The only concern is that Wilson wasn't let loose to torch the Dallas secondary, which is the only weakness on the Dallas defense. Oh well.
The Hawks have over-performed this year. Most of the reliable predictions were saying 5-8 wins for this season were realistic, and they were 4-5 at week 9. The fact that they racked up ten wins and Carroll is gonna be in Seattle through 2021 gives me hope that another Lombardi will find it's way into the Emerald city.

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