NFR Seahawks?

Charles Sullivan

ignoring Rob Allen and Generic
I think you have a lot of great insights on the forum. Hightower as best linebacker in SB history though? If you are going by “great player who also played on lots of SB winning teams” I submit for consideration Jack Lambert. More SB wins, more stellar years than Hightower (at least to date). On sheer position greatness combined with multiple SB wins you have to consider LT or Ray Lewis. Just my .02 - not a disrespect to Hightower. Save this thread and feel free to say I told you so in 5 years if the Pats keep up their pace though (?)
Hightower is not the player Lewis, LT. Lambert or even Wagner is most of the time. He struggles to play 16 games. He was a shell of himself for 8 or 9 games last year. I suspect that is year may be his last.
In his 3 superbowls (hurt for Eagles debacle) he has been the best player on the field for the winning defense. Last one may have been his best. He controlled the middle of the field and running game. Pats ask a lot of a 260 lb mlb in the run game and the pass. He has always delivered along with game saving tackles, game changing strip sacks, bull rushes and deep drops.
I'd dearly love to see him play in one more while healthy. This may be his last chance.

Go sox,

Charles Sullivan

ignoring Rob Allen and Generic

In New England, they've found that when a star DB breaks their arm in a superbowl, another player just needs to step up.

It's the whole next man up/ do your job thing.

Go Sox,

Jake Dogfish

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The Chargers will pay the RAMS rent money for the priviledge of playing in the NFL's greatest stadium. The RAMS pounded the Chargers in the 2018, and captured LA's heart. C-hawks will fear trips to this magnificent venue.
Where are they building the “NFL’s greatest Stadium”? It looks like the Middle East?

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