NFR Seahawks?


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Who are the new players that the Seahawks fans should be excited for? I'm not a Metcalf believer. If he were productive in college, his athleticism would impress me more. Pete likes his superfreaks though.
It's OTA time. Who y'all got?

Pat's draft haul was impressive. I'm excited for Winovich and the 2nd year development of JC Jackson. It's been reported that N'Keal Harry looks fantastic too.

Go Sox,
I'm excited to see how our corner group works out. As of right now the total cost of our projected starters is 2.7 million. Cheapest in league by far .


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DimeBright I'm with you cheering for the Rams two times a year. My daughters boyfriend was drafted by them this year.


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As a team, Seattle ran for just 73 yards on 24 carries. If you take out a 28-yard Rashaad Penny run, those figures dip to 45 yards on 23 carries for less than two yards a pop.
No. 1 running back Chris Carson ran for just 20 yards on 13 carries.
An ironic stat you chose to look at considering they rushed for more yards in this game then the Rams did in the superbowl...

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