NFR Seahawks?

Charles Sullivan

ignoring Rob Allen and Generic
That play pushed the NFL allow reviews of horrible calls to keep lesser teams out of the Super Bowl. You think the Saints would have only put up 3 against the Pats?
I'm guessing the pats win 66-0 against the Saints..........maybe more.

All joking aside, I can't see the Pat's being held to 13 by the Saints. The Rams had the Patriots Kryptonite; an interior pass rush that can get home rushing 4. They had the best DT tandem in football last year. Get pressure with 4 and you have a chance against the GOAT. That is unless the hoodie and 54 et al. hold you to 3.

I'm pretty sure that the hoodie would have had a scheme ready fro the 'Aints. 54 was healthy. That pretty much guarantees super bowl wins in NE.

The only thing that one could be sure of last year is that the New England Football Patriots were the best team in the NFL.

Go Sox,


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Uh oh!

2019 NFL schedule rankings, NFC West: Rams in excellent position to repeat as champs, Seahawks facing nightmare schedule
From your link: "It's probably also worth noting that every single one of those games will be played in primetime, except for the one in Carolina." This is in reference to the brutal stretch the Seahawks play.

What's the Seahawks prime time record under Pete which this click bait artical fails to mention? I think everyone knows Strength of Schedule means nothing unless we are talking about the Patriots and how easy their division and road to the playoffs is...:D


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Let's play a little game Charles. Please name the next best coach and/or quarterback in the AFC East other then the Patriots since 2001. I will wait for your answer. Also please include how many years they were good for. Or I can look it up for you:D
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