NFR Seahawks?


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The comments crack me up:
"if you ever wonder why your bag of chips is crushed"
pete carrol-"Malik why cant you follow play book?"
Malik "I need a supervisor"


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The real question is, will the Rams have a Super Bowl hangover this year? From what I watched, they didn’t even show up ahaha

Charles Sullivan

ignoring Rob Allen and Generic
Malik McDowell is what happens when you continually make your 1st pick in the 20s. You need to take some chances to get elite talent. The player was talented but there was a reason he was available when the Seahawks picked. Top 15 talent but not a top 15 character.
I've seen my favorite team draft late for 20 years. The team must take risks on injured players like Gronk or Dominique Easley or questionable character like Aaron Hernandez. Sometimes it works. Sometimes the player ends up in jail. The companion approach is to load up on picks in rounds 2-4 or get other teams 1st round talents that don't fit their teams in their 3rd year (Van Noy).
Seattle seems to have figured a bunch of this out. They don't have the picks to get Okung and Thomas in the 1st round and they won't with Wilson playing QB. McDowell won't be the last turd they pick.

Go sox,

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