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On thing that you can say for the Seahawks is that they are not timid. Ballsy move for sure.

Go sox.
With the exception of Lynch, the big name (harvin, graham, Sheldon Richardson) trades haven’t yielded much IMO.

It sounds like two players and 3rd round pick for Clowney. If that’s the case, I like the move.


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Yeah, now that I see the two players Seattle is giving up, I'm shocked. Clowney (and the 'Hawks) can probably thank Le'veon Bell for this outcome, I'm guessing the Texans decided this deal was better than getting nothing.

Charles Sullivan

ignoring Rob Allen and Generic
It is a credit to John and Pete that Seattle had cap space to make this move. Mingo is no loss.
This is a deal about who can pay for Clowney. They put Seattle in a position where the can. Impressive while you pay you QBs what they do.

Go sox,

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