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When you cuss out a guy in front of a crowd that was going to pay you 29 million you are not just ignorant-you're retarded. It has become obvious that the guy has some serious mental issues and is no doubt oblivious to them. The chances of him getting any real help are going to be impeded by his massive ego.

Charles Sullivan

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What a bizarre set of events. Just truly bizarre. Brown would make a fine Jet.

I can't see how anyone signs him anytime soon. If you sign him right now you are in for a rough ride. If he sits for 2 months, you may have a chance at a reclamation project. I would not do it but someone else will.

Go Sox,


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He’s been one of the most productive receivers of the decade, if the price is right someone will sign him. It’ll be a relative bargain, probably incentive laden with minimal guaranteed money.

A team who thinks he could be the piece that puts them over the top might think it’s worth it to find out.

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