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Charles Sullivan

ignoring Rob Allen and Generic
Looks like the defense won the game. Wrong again lol

That bomb to Lockett was sweet too.
You quoted me for a quote about playing in 2018. Different season.

I know I run my mouth a lot. Feel free to beat me up about things I get wrong. (Realy the Brown as Jet quote should be enough.)
That post is over 1 year old though. I'm super thick skinned but at least use the ammo I give you honestly.

Pat's looked good.

Go sox,

Old Man

A very Old Man
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Since I didn't get to watch that game yesterday because I had to watch Dallas What happened to Cinci to blow up at the end of the game by being in the red zone??


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That photo is hilarious. I went and looked for his press conference but had to turn it off after 4 minutes. He is SO bereft talking to the reporters. It’s like he just found out someone in his family died.
I think all if us would look that sullen if we had to wear that outfit! Did he lose a bet? Cam still spells team with a capital "I". Poor baby.

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