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Somehow winning a game that should have been put away long before it should have been lost does not seem really satisfying. They need to get better than that and the head coach needs to grow a pair.


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Somehow winning a game that should have been put away long before
Wrong! He made the right call on the the 4th down field goal. Growing a pair has nothing to do with coaching. Pete Carol: 103 wins with the hawks hell yeah!

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Like I said earlier, Wilson made some amazing throws under pressure.

That said, the penalty on Matthews at the end is what allows him to be what he is. If you don’t tackle him in the first two seconds then you just can’t. If you do corral him then hi flips it out at the last second and gets a call. No wonder they don’t invest in a pass protecting line.

Good game and I don’t think either team should feel like they won. The home team lost on s last second field goal that was totally makeable.


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When was the last time Seattle had a clutch kicker and not a clunker kicker?

Answer my own question (taking notes @Jojo?)
Stephen Haushchka, before they decided to quit paying him
OK, so kind of a funny story.

I watched the game at my brother’s house tonight. (I have two brothers who watch all the games in the NFL and are rabid Seahawks fans, with kind of encyclopedic minds about stats and such, sort of like some of y’all here). Anyway, I forgot to bring my notebook and when i mentioned that, both brothers started laughing that i keep notes and said no guy in their Monday Night Football Club would ever bring notes. (Not that i care to join their stupid Monday Night Club anyway.)

So without my notebook i sometimes have questions about a few of the players and during a play I asked, “Who is #30 again?”

And my brother Scott said ‘Oh i just drew a blank, but i know who it is’.

And i said, ‘We’ll ....if only i had my notebook’!

Then he said ‘Oh i remember! It’s Sean McDougald”

And i said “NOOOO, that would be BRADLEY McDougald.”

And he responded, “No it’s Sean” and he was so sure of himself that i let it go and didn’t bother to look it up until i just got home, thinking well maybe i wrote it down wrong in my notes, but i was still pretty sure it was Bradley i am still working on getting the numbers down.

HAHAHA! I just texted him. Win for me! Which of course he will ignore.

What a great game.

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