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Like I said earlier, Wilson made some amazing throws under pressure.

That said, the penalty on Matthews at the end is what allows him to be what he is. If you don’t tackle him in the first two seconds then you just can’t. If you do corral him then hi flips it out at the last second and gets a call. No wonder they don’t invest in a pass protecting line.

Good game and I don’t think either team should feel like they won. The home team lost on s last second field goal that was totally makeable.
I want what you smoke. Wilson gets creamed all the time and it doesn't get called. Did you see the Bud hit against Steelers that was no flag but a fine?


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Damn good game. LA has a beast of a front four. You just can't give Goff 5 seconds to throw...he's deadly. Of course his release takes 2 seconds...his downfall.


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It was an entertaining game; it seems like league rival games often are close. Last year's two losses were by like what, 7 points combined? RW is a pretty amazing QB; some of those throws, on the run, going against his dominant hand, with so little margin of error is special.

I don't second guess the QB option and pitch on 3rd and short. So often they get stopped short running up the middle; if they did that and got stopped, we would question why not let RW run around the end with an option? Whatever play they call, they just need to execute it better. Their play calling overall does lack some imagination compared to other teams who seem to have a little more dynamic play calling though.

Could someone who knows more about the game than me explain why it is so easy to march down the field, say between the two 30 yard lines with no time outs and little time left? Chances are they won't throw down the middle but the out patterns for 10-15 yards seem so effective. What else is the offense going to do? But yet in most of these situations, the offensive seems to generally gain the 30-40 yards to get into field goal range with relative ease, compared to the rest of the game. From a defensive standpoint, it seems like it would be easier to defend when you know what they are going to do. Yeah, you have to stop the long-ball threat but the sideline plays seem so obvious but so effective.
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So often they can get stopped short running up the middle; if they did that and got stopped, you would question why not let RW have a run around the end with an option? Whatever play they call, they just need to execute it better.

Totally agree. I was even thinking in my head "give it to Russel on an option", and then when they did it, the D sniffed it out quick, in my head I said "should have just given it to Carson up the middle".

Hard to be all in when the game plan is: Keep it close until the end and then something good will happen.

Sometimes though, you just want to see them go for it, instead of just hope it works out. Hard to watch the "well, we'll do the smart thing, and then if it doesn't work out our D will make up for it". That worked well in 2014, but this is a different D, and a different team. Balls aren't going for it on 4th down, they are passing when you need to advance the ball to win the game. Your QB can do it, just let him make a play.

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Does it surprise anyone they waited till the very last second to seal the deal?? That’s been the Seahawks special the past few years. Don’t bother turning on the game till the 4th quarter. That’s when our offense wakes up.


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Best game I've seen in a long time, the lead changed like 6 times? Disappointing that the hawks couldn't cinch the game on that 3 and 2 to go, also disappointing that we needed the Rams kicker to miss a FG to win....

Agreed that RW is in the hunt for league MVP, unbelievable to watch a QB play like that.


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I thought Goff played better under pressure then he has in the past but he didn't look like a 134million dollar man to me. Isn't he still on Rookie money an 8mill cap hit or something like that?


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As good a passer as RW was last night, it's weird that Seattle's MVP was the Ram's kicker. I think a game should be won based on skill, not shit house luck. The game reminded me quite a bit of the LOB years, where the Defense won the game for the Hawks, with the Offense coming along for the ride. Ain't there some kind of training or something such that the Offense can make one yard on demand? Like on a 3rd or 4th down clutch? It was an entertaining game, but certainly exasperating at times.

And I hope the 12th man sneaks into the locker room and steals those uniforms and throws them on a bonfire.

Then there's the question that's on everyone's mind: what jersey did Jojo wear last night?


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Then there's the question that's on everyone's mind: what jersey did Jojo wear last night?
Hahahaha! I actually wore Kam Chancellor’s jersey instead of my Tyler Lockett. My brother wore his Steve Largent one and his wife wore Jermaine Kearse (another jersey i own).

We like to dig out the old jerseys every once in awhile, but the REAL reason for me is that my Lockett jersey is not a women’s cut like my Kam jersey and it’s blocky on me and i need to get my sewing machine out and alter it a little bit so it’s a more flattering fit. Hahaha....

Also my brother (who had been texting his Monday Night Club during the game) never did respond to my text about Bradley McDougald! He hates it when he’s wrong, especially about football! That’s what he gets for making fun of my notes.

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