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Chris Johnson

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They are coming off a bye so they had extra time to prepare. But it sounds like they had it going tonight ( I don't get Monday Night Football).

Yard Sale

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They still haven’t played a team with a winning record. Next week against the Rams will show what they are. At this point I’d call the Hawks and the Rams even.


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Love the way they're built with stout O and D front 4... the 9ers O line put on a clinic last night. Super fun to see the 9ers back in the hunt even if it's still early and as long as they lose to the hawks ;]


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49ers have some talent, but will they have enough panache to pull off the NFC west? .....and AZ will be tougher 2nd half of season, they have some pieces too. Unfortunately I think whoever wins the NFC West will not be holding home field advantage and need to be vicious road warriors rambling through the NFL play-off gauntlet.

Charles Sullivan

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Maybe it is just me, but I love the way the 49ers utilize the FB in their game plan..
Old school power football running game mixed in with the passing game.

Hopefully his knee injury isn't serious as I really like Kyle Juszczyk as a player.

Some teams don't even have one on their roster anymore. Baltimore and NE usually do. With the light linebackers in the league, you'd think more would do it.

Go Sox,
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