NFR Seahawks?


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How much guaranteed money is on Gurly's contract? And Donald's contract? And Goff's contract? How are these guys going to sign Ramsey this off season? If they traded for HALF as season of Ramsey for two 1st round picks that might be the dumbest trade I've ever seen.

Except for the Clowney trade. That was awesome!
Don't forget that Cooper Kupp will be cost about $10mil/year after next season.


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OK, everybody in the west won today. Gotta keep pace. Gotta crunch the Ravens. They can do that.

Did you see that 9ers game? What a slog. The slog in the bog. That Washington stadium doesn't drain well. Competition committee should look at that. Fun to watch, though. Adrian Peterson, human squeegee.


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Have you tried Belgian Duble or Tripel Ales? Alcohol content usually about 8-11% but very light taste; no one does it better.
I haven’t tried those. I like dark beer and this one looks like Coca Cola in my glass. Belgian beer isn’t dark is it? Gotta say, It might be a little too much for me! Think i’m going to only have one today unless things start looking bad!

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