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Takeaways from today's game:
1) The identity of this team has switched. No longer the hard nosed defensive team whose offense eats up the clock with a stout run game, this is turning into a prolific offense that looks very complete.
2) Either Joey Hunt is a stud, or Schottenheimer has schemed up some stellar blocking concepts for this team. In either case, the loss of Justin Britt did not seem to slow down the Hawks all that much. Albeit against the Bucs, but still.
3) Ken Norton is on the hot seat. His woes of managing an entire defense have followed him from Oakland. He's a great linebacker's coach, but just can't seem to figure out how to make the secondary work. If he survives the off-season I will be surprised.
4) Myers is still making 70% of his attempts(incidentally Adam Vinatieri has the same FG%) that is still bottom half of the league and for a team with a defense as bad as this one, that won't cut it come post season.


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Why wouldn't Tampa Bay go for 2 points after their last touchdown and a win instead of a tie?
Because if they fail then the coaches take the heat for the bad decision. When you go to overtime, a loss can be blamed on the coin toss, something out of their control. Or if they get the ball first and fail to score...well that's on the players. NFL coaching is a CYA society...

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Say what you want about DK but the guy is a beast, outclasses many NFL dbs in size, strength and speed. I'll take this kind of production from a 2nd round pick rookie WR any day.

Had to be a cool game for Hollister. To go from practice squad to catching his first two career TDs in the same game including a game winner. Very cool for him.

IMO the lack of pass rush will be the undoing of this team. I feel the corners are solid, Blair definitely upgrades the safety position, but I dont feel that Norton has done a good job with this squad. I am quickly coming to the thought that he needs to go. This isn't a world class defense but they have a lot of talent, including arguably one of the best LB groups in the league. A good DC should be able to do more with this group. He hasn't seem to have made any adjustments thru the season to try to take advantage of the talent that is there.

When an NFL QB has all day to stand around I dont care who is in your secondary, they will eventually get open. The lack of pass rush is going to be a tough thing to overcome down the stretch against good QBs.


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Metcalf is a freak. Strength and toughness of a tight-end, speed of a WR. He's like a greyhound that fights like a pit-bull.

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Metcalf is a freak. Strength and toughness of a tight-end, speed of a WR. He's like a greyhound that fights like a pit-bull.

Remember when everyone said he was a one trick pony, only good for straight line speed down the field, couldn't run quality routes etc? Hah What a joke.

That catch he made down the left sideline late in the game was incredible and clutch as can be. That DB was all over him but he made a great adjustment and got underneath him to make the catch. Really looking forward to seeing how he progresses the next few years as he gets more comfortable.and learns. By all accounts the guy is a hard worker and constantly striving to improve.

The pacifier thing is awfully dumb though lol


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Clowney I believe is one of the most double teamed player in league. The problem is no one else is stepping up.

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