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OMG. How about Josh Gordon Scores 6 you all drop it and root for the Pats. At minimum Charles would appreciate you guys.


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It's going to get tougher, much tougher.
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Ah, you gottal love stats without context. Did you notice that the NFC West teams, all 4 of them, make the '8 toughest' list. And 4 of the 5 on 'toughest so far' list are from the AFC South, a division that plays the NFC West this year.

You could just put up a giant screen shot saying, "Toughest division in football, 2019: NFC West". Or you could just type it.


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Jared Goof with another fumble that was returned for a TD. He needs some bigger hands. That’s 14 fumbles in 15 games... insane stat.
He's Gawful but that stat isn't all that insane. Minshew, Josh Allen and Daniel Jones all have double digit fumbles already this season.

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