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I thought Jared Goof learned in the Super Bowl that you really need offensive TDs to win.

Lambs Lowlights:

-Goof with 2 interceptions and 2 fumbles. Nice contract you signed there buddy!
-Hekker with an interception. Been watching Goof too much.
-McOkay with a challenge flag thrown for a non-challengeable play resulting in a penalty.
-Starting center out with a bad knee injury.
-Backup center draws multiple flags.
-No offsensive TDs.
-Kooper Cupp with no catches.
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I'm wondering if Kittle is hurt worst then Niners are letting on...They have been pretty vague since his MRI. He seems pretty tuff to take self out of game last week.

Anyway I'm going to lay low till after game. Got a lot of stuff to do today. Go Hawks!

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