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Prevent Defense almost bit Houston in the ass last night. I was hoping they would win but when they started sleepwalking late in the 4th quarter I was wishing they would lose. I hate to see a team play excellent ball for 50 minutes then snooze away a big lead at the very end. How can you be a football coach at the highest level and change your entire defensive strategy in the last 10 minutes? I have seen prevent defense lose so many games over the years, you would think that it would have become a coaching no-no by now.

Jamie Wilson

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I agree
For the most part the prevent D is a mistake. For the most part but in defending the Hail Mary or other special situations it is appropriate
Porter - what say you on the Prevent D??


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Did anyone else notice the shots of Brady coming off the field and flipping his helmet to a crew member? Context is everything but it looked like a real d-bag move from my chair. The equipment manager wasn't the guy who couldn't get open let alone the guy who threw into double coverage

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