NFR Seahawks?

Nick Clayton

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I truly enjoy watching Dallas implode.

This is probably the third or fourth game of theirs I've watched this season where they come right out and score early then cant do a damn thing the rest of the game. Makes me think their coaching staff completley lacks the ability to adjust as the game goes on.

Dak is average at best. No way he is worth top qb money.

I wish I could sit in the back of Jerry's box and enjoy his reactions to these games in person.

Yard Sale

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How does Garrett even have a job? When he gets fired will anybody even hire him as a coordinator?

Nobody loves to watch the cowboys lose more than a Niner fan.


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Thursday night football at it's finest! I have had the TV muted since 4:45 so no irritation from dweeb announcers either. Dallas was favored in this game and still have time to win but need 3 scores in 10 minutes. Prevent defense is their only hope.


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How the hell did Jerry make his money? He doesn't appear to be smart enough to operate a local garbage collection service. Certainly not smart enough to delegate what he has no clue about.

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